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Title Who We Are
Posted by koreateacuppuppies (ip:)
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  • Date 2022-08-09 15:52:25
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The first to challenge. The utmost effort.

The best value.

Established in 2001, MINIPET introduced a field expert training

and management system is previously unseen in the long

disorganized pet adoption market,

and has grown as a company

that leads the pet adoption culture in Korea,

as well as across all of Asia.

01. values that no one can imitate.

In the meantime, many pet shops have imitated


insisting that they are “the first”.

They could probably imitate some words and forms from our site, 

but they cannot emulate our systematic health management, 

constant efforts and research for pets with good pedigree, 

proper knowledge, and management skills.

All of these elements are based on a long-standing tradition, expertise, 

and MINIPET’s own values that no one can imitate.

02. Thorough medical checkups

Do you believe the empty claims of most

pet shops' checkups?

Can all pet shops perform the essential pre-adoption

checkups valued at around USD 300.


its own veterinary clinic to which it accepts only companion animals

that have completed their medical checkups

as well as the three major fatal virus tests,

including parvo, corona, measles, FLV, etc.

After the acquisition, we offer only puppies and kittens

for adoption whose conditions have been verified,

and specialist veterinarians revisit them once a week.

03. Respect for life

Do you believe the empty claims of most

pet shops' checkups?

We do not do business with unethical vendors such as 

“puppy mills” or “kitten mills”.

We introduce puppies and kittens with good pedigrees 

from officially registered kennels and catteries, 

and strive for the advancement of companion animals.

0% of transport accidents

Expert groups specialized by field. Pride of KOREA TEACUP PUPPIES

KOREA TEACUP PUPPIES has been striving to hire relevant 

experts and train them with the right knowledge for each field

since the outdated adoption style was still used and there was a

lack of knowledge about animals as pets.

Respecting promises

Unlike other companies that strive only for sales

We are fulfilling our four promises, 

which are MINIPET's mottoes and our objectives, 

always striving to provide differentiated value to our customers.

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